Commit 6d3c6d03 by Christian Kern

Merge branch 'embb418-exception-disabled-bug' into development

parents 72cbb0cd bc14a77d
......@@ -174,12 +174,18 @@ void MergeSortAllocate(
value_type* temporary = static_cast<value_type*>(
Alloc::Allocate(distance * sizeof(value_type)));
MergeSort(first, last, temporary, comparison, policy, block_size);
} EMBB_CATCH (embb::base::ErrorException & e) {
// embb exception handling does not support catch(...) and rethrow yet.
// Rethrow only, if exceptions are enabled... Otherwise, the parameter
// e cannot be used, as it is not defined.
EMBB_THROW(embb::base::ErrorException, e.what());
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