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......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ Each tested device will have one GPIO configured as output, called the "CRYPTO_B
To allow for tests on all platforms to happen in parallel, we make use of [sigrok-mux](URL= to allow multiple processes to share the same Logic Analyzer. With some minor modifications, this should make the framework compatible with any Logic Analyzer that is supported by the sigrok library.
This figure shows our test setup:
![Our LWC test bench, not to be confused with a plate of spaghetti][]
![Our LWC test bench, not to be confused with a plate of spaghetti]( "")
When working with many microcontrollers at the same time, it is helpful to work on a properly grounded surface. Since we were making use of a non-powered USB hub, we connected together all the 5V supplies of all microcontrollers to a 5V bench supply.
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