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......@@ -6,84 +6,37 @@ Version 0.4.0
### Features:
- Added C++ wrapper and tests for logging facilities
- Added consistency checking functionality to dataflow
- Added C++ wrapper for base_c logging functions
- Reworked dataflow_cpp interface for easier usage
### Changes and improvements:
* Base:
- Changed assertions on user input into checks with error code return
- Improved checks and documentation in time, duration, and log
- Added exceptions when errors occur that depend on user input
- Added volatile keyword to member of internal atomic struct
- Changed spin lock implementaion to yield every 1024 spins
- Created defines for MTAPI version
- Added missing fields in mtapi_info_t structure, in particular organization ID
- Changed reporting of number of domains and nodes to "unlimited"
- Changed group deleted and task state attributes to atomic
- Enabled reuse of main thread, which is configurable via node attributes
- Set result to MTAPI_NULL on error in mtapi_group_wait_any
- Network plugin:
- Disabled adress reuse for listening socket
- Solved problem with port reuse on Linux
- Set values to zero on failure for buffer pop operations
- Improved protocol for better error handling
- Changed signaling of task completion to atomic
- Introduced tagging of operations
- Improved task cancellation support
- Changed sending of result messages to complete ones only
* Tasks:
- Added function to query the maximum number of queues
- Added function to query the task limit
- Changed initalization in the implementaion of ExecutionPolicy
- Made creation of groups and queues thread-safe as documented
* Dataflow:
- Added connection chain test
- Added connection checks in outputs
- Added check for cycles in graph
- Added default token count to network
- Changed internal exceptions to assertions
- Changed return type of operator >> to allow for connection chains
- Changed semantics of source process (emit tokens only if function returns true)
- Changed initalization so that the number of slices can now be set at runtime
- Added automatic computation of maximum number of slices
- Changed done sync to atomics
- Removed Network::Make for simpler usage
- Added Network:IsValid to check network for errors
* Containers:
- Added missing PT_ASSERT calls in hazard pointer test
* All:
- Resolved several Codesonar warnings
- Improved network plugin with better error checking and task cancellation support
- Revised dataflow_cpp so that network token count can now be set at runtime
- Added automatic determination of token count to dataflow_cpp
- Added checks for NULL pointers in C interface functions
- Extended mtapi_info_t to conform to the standard
- Fixed CodeSonar warnings across the code base
- Changed spinlock implementation to yield every 1024 spins now
- Changed asserts on interface visible parameters to execeptions
- Enabled reuse of main thread, which is configurable via node attributes
### Bug fixes:
* Base:
- Fixed uninitialized variables in failure cases
- Changed implementation of atomic store on Windows to ensure sequential consistency
- Fixed memory leak in test for thread-specific storage
- Fixed bug causing mtapi_task_wait to hang when a task was cancelled before it was running
- Fixed potential null pointer dereferences
- Fixed issue with AMD APP SDK in OpenCL plugin
- Fixed race condition in OpenCL plugin
* Dataflow:
- Fixed bug with global network instances in MTAPI scheduler
- Fixed initalization of input
- Fixed memory leaks
* Containers:
- Fixed uninitialized variables in test
- Fixed problem causing low performance on the Jetson TK1 board
- Fixed bug in mtapi_c causing a task wait to hang
- Fixes issue with the AMD APP SDK in the OpenCL plugin
- Fixed problem with automatic initialization in tasks_cpp
- Fixed memory leaks in tests
### Build system:
- Moved MTAPI plugins to folder mtapi_plugins_c
- Removed dependency on installed OpenCL SDK, adapted test to succeed when OpenCL is unavailable
- Removed dependency on an installed OpenCL SDK
- Moved all MTAPI plugins into folder mtapi_plugins_c
- Resolved MSVC warnings and build problem
### Documentation:
- Changed documentation to reflect that atomics are initialized to zero by default
- Improved documentation for functions without error code return
- Updated year in license headers and tutorial
- Updated documentation of spinlock implementations
- Changed encoding of file to UTF-8
- Adapted tutorial and examples to reflect changes to dataflow_cpp
- Revised to reflect new directory structure and removed UTF8 BOM
- Updated README to reflect new directory structure
- Updated Doxygen documentation of dataflow_cpp for the improved interface
- Updated tutorial and examples to show the usage of dataflow_cpp
Version 0.3.2
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